Pork collar packaging

Easy operation, easy cleaning and easy
service are main benefits of this high-capacity packing unit from Waftb.

Use case

Pork collar frozen 1320
Schweinekragen eingefroren
Collar de cerdo congelado

Waftb Pork collar frozen Schweinekragen eingefroren ポークカラー冷凍 collar de cerdo congelado
Efficient packing procedure

Waftb’s fully automatic neck fillet packer is designed for
efficient packing and clipping of deboned pork necks. The
finished product appears in a cylindrical shape, packed in a
tight plastic foil tube with a clip in one end.
The boneless collar of maximum 350 mm are automatically
fed into the machine and firmly forced into a Ø100 mm
endless plastic foil tube cut off in 600 mm lengths. The tube
is then clipped in one end and the remainder of the plastic
foil collected in the suction device.

The packed product appears in a cylindrical shape, ready for
squeezing & final clipping, manually or in Waftb’s semi-automatic clipping machine CT 1875. The tightening-up
function unique to this clipping machine ensures optimal
presentation of the finished product.
The neck fillet packer is easy to clean and features an USDA-approved conveyor belt. A metal detector can be connected
to the machine as an integrated proces part.


Capacity: Up to 1,500 neck fillets/hour
Weight range 2,200- 3,500 gram*
Consumption: 5 kW
Pre-fuse: 16 Amp
Voltage: 3×400 V – 50 c/s
Air pressure: Min. 6 bar
Air consumption: 500 Nl/min.
Gross weight: 650 kg
Dimensions: See diagram
Foil diameter: Ø98-115 mm
Foil width: 168 mm
Foil roll: Ø 400 x 168 mm, center pipe
(plastic) Ø76
Suction device: Phenix 400